Yung Koded Bio

Erick Mobegi was born the fifth child in a family of six. He grew up in the capital of Kenya, in some of the most notorious neighborhoods. He describes his childhood as 'tough, but educative' and accounts his success to the challenges he and his family faced in the earlier years. Erick developed a taste for music at a very tender age and as young as 7 years old, he would join local church choirs and bands to expand his musical interests. However, It's not until his early junior-high, that he'd learn how to play an actual instrument. He developed an interest in playing the recorder; which would become his primary instrument, and gateway to music production. He'd then take some piano classes from music teachers and peers to improve his skills.

After primary school graduation, Erick joined St. Johns High School Nyamagwa (Kisii, Kenya) to pursue music and arts. His musical endeavors with the school choir would earn him a ticket to the 2013 Annual National Music Festivals. That same year, Erick transferred mid-second-semester to Riruta High School, Nairobi; where he'd take time off from music. After about a year and a few months at the school, he got expelled for misconduct. 


During his time away from school, Erick wrote several songs and eventually got to record his debut track in mid-2015. The song - which has since been taken off the internet - featured his former classmate, Elvo Madoh. It would go on to gain Myzz (Erick's alias) and Maddix (now Elvo Madoh) some traction. The two did a few media tours and live performances before Erick would permanently relocate to the USA, nearly a month later.

He then attended Harrison High School, Colorado Springs; where he'd work with other rappers from his and neighboring schools as their main producer. With production credits for acts like MGNG Mari, SBG Cain, Jaedawn, Leo Da Real, and other underground artists, Erick would earn his nickname Yung Koded (Coded) for being multi-talented and unpredictable. This would also furnish his skills for music production, even though he mostly worked from his parents' basement. On the side, he'd make videos for local artists to fund his music. He also created an alias for his beats/instrumentals, just to separate his rapper name from the "beat-maker."

In 2016-2017, Erick partnered up with Leo Da Real (Leonardo Willis) to start Chinatown Music Group. The two signed themselves as the first artists for their label and kept making more music. Some of their songs like 'Turnt,' and 'They Know Me' would even earn them some local recognition. Leo was incarcerated in 2018 and Koded was left to manage the label on his own. He released more solo projects and even acquired a distribution agreement with AWAL (Kobalt Music) in 2019. Since his arrest for probation violation, Leo is still behind bars for multiple charges.

In recent years, Yung Koded is enjoying his newly acquired success targeting the East African market. The rapper has grown his streaming by nearly triple the digits and still growing. Most of the success is due to his versatility, unique delivery, and captivating videos. It's also contributed to by features by well-known acts like Exray of Boondocks Gang, Breeder LW, Trio Mio, Khaligraph Jones, Boutross, and many more. His label decided to team up with Reginald Kings Co. Ltd (a management firm in Kenya) in August 2020, which would mark a milestone for his career. CMG has no doubt grown from a basement-run studio to a multinational family-run business. More members now seat on board, but Erick still controls the majority of shares in the company.

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